Losail International Circuit

Location Doha Track Length 5.38km Laps 57
Lap Record 1:23.196 LapRecordDriver M Verstappen (2021)

Lusail International Circuit F1 circuit guide

Formula 1 gained not one, but two new Middle Eastern races for 2021 with Qatar joining the Formula 1 calendar for the first time.

With the Covid pandemic still causing issues internationally, Qatar stepped in to replace the cancelled 2021 Australian Grand Prix, meaning the drivers had a new twilight race to contest.

Lusail International Circuit was named as the venue for the first ever Qatar Grand Prix, with the country in addition signing a 10-year deal starting to host Formula 1 action, which came into effect from 2023.

Lusail International Circuit F1 circuit information

Turn 1 - After the start/finish straight Turn 1 is a medium-speed right bend, where drivers get the power down on exit as the track opens back up.
Turn 2 - A short straight then leads into a left-hand bend, not as long as Turn 1 but a similar speed and the outside line is best.
Turn 3 - A minor right kink, easily full throttle for Formula 1 cars.
Turn 4 - Another short straight leads into a heavy braking zone for this almost-90 degrees right, the first stage of a double-right hander.
Turn 5 - After a quick blast on the throttle, it is back on the brakes for Turn 5, very similar to Turn 4 as the double-right hander is completed.
Turn 6 - The slowest corner of the track so far, hug the inside kerb for this left hairpin before drifting wide as the track opens up.
Turn 7 - Another hairpin, this time to the right and slightly wider, but still this is a low-speed turn.
Turn 8 - A very slight bend to the left, no need to lift.
Turn 9 - A slightly more sharp right kink, but again full throttle.
Turn 10 - Quickly the slow left hairpin of Turn 10 arrives, taking a nice wide line in to brush the apex kerb.
Turn 11 - Another open left bend with barely any adjustment of the steering wheel needed.
Turn 12 - A tricky section started by this first right-hander, dull the throttle and nail the inside kerb.
Turn 13 - Briefly apply the power before lifting off again for the second right-hand turn.
Turn 14 - And then the final right turn, again a quick lift before powering out of this series of right bends.
Turn 15 - A wide left bend, which some drivers will attempt to nail flat out.
Turn 16 - Hard on the brakes for the final corner, a long right turn which opens up into the start/finish straight.

Lusail International Circuit schedule: 2024 Qatar Grand Prix

Friday 29 November schedule TBC

Saturday 30 November

Sprint: 4pm [1pm]
Qualifying: 8pm [5pm UK]

Sunday 1 December

Race: 8pm [5pm UK]

Lusail International Circuit tickets: how to get them for the big race

Formula 1 has asked fans to sign up via their email address on the official ticketing website to be informed when sales for the Qatar race will get underway.

Motorsporttickets.com have hotel and grand prix ticket packages, starting from £1,148 for the T16 Grandstand, while the F1 Experiences page is well worth checking out to enhance your 2024 Qatar Grand Prix trip.

Lusail International circuit lowdown: things to note

The Main Grandstand is located down the start/finish straight, opposite the pit buildings and Paddock Club, with the North Grandstand, Lusail Lounge and Premiere Hospitality situated just after the start-finish line, all in prime position to watch the drivers launch for the race start and see who reaches the chequered flag first.

General Admission can secure you a spot on Lusail Hill, perfect for watching the dash down to the first corner before the drivers sweep through Turns 2 and 3, where the T2 and T3 stands can also be found, with a further general admission zone taking in views of the cars exiting the final corner, Turn 16, and joining the start/finish straight.

The final grandstand is situated down at Turn 16, where fans can watch drivers negotiate the hard braking zone for this right-hander, with the Club 16 hospitality area also housed there.

Lusail International Circuit directions: how to get there

Doha airport is the closest option for those flying in to Lusail International Circuit to watch the Qatar Grand Prix.

From the airport a taxi would then be the best option for reaching the track, while bus travel is also an option from the country's capital Doha. Karwa Bus have services heading towards Al Khor which pass the circuit.

Doha Metro runs a rail service with Lusail being the closest stop to the circuit, which is then 11 kilometers from Lusail International Circuit.

If you plan to drive to the track, then it can be accessed from the Al Khor Coastal Road.

Address: Losail Circuit Sports Club, Al Wusail, North Relief Road, Doha, Qatar.

Lusail International Circuit history, memorable races and past winners

Lewis Hamilton claimed the first ever win at the circuit in 2021 as he beat title rival Max Verstappen to the line, though it was Verstappen who won the second staging in 2023, the day after his P2 finish in the Qatar sprint had secured his third World Championship.

Qatar Grand Prix winners

2023 - Max Verstappen, Red Bull
2021 - Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Lusail International Circuit fastest lap

Hamilton may have secured the 2021 win, but Verstappen took some consolation with the bonus point for the fastest lap. He set a time of 1:23.196 in the Red Bull Racing RB16B.

Lusail International Circuit F1 circuit: what the drivers say

Lando Norris: "I like the track, it’s good fun, especially being a night session as well. It’s fast, it’s high-speed and it’s a good challenge."

Carlos Sainz: "To be honest, I think this track has surprised everyone with how fast it is and the speed we are doing around the corners. That translates into having to work harder on the set-ups we originally had in mind and having to adapt throughout the day."

Lewis Hamilton: "It's all high-speed corners so it's quite physical."