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Jeddah Street Circuit F1 circuit guide

In 2021 Formula 1 makes its first visit to the Arab nation of Saudi Arabia. The drivers now have a new night-time street circuit to master.

The plan is for the event to move to a new venue in the future, with the track to be built as part of a massive entertainment city in Qiddiya.

But for now it is the streets of Jeddah which welcome Formula 1 to Saudi Arabia, with experienced Formula 1 track designer Hermann Tilke brought in to handle the design of the track which will run along the banks of the Red Sea.

Jeddah Street Circuit F1 circuit information

When the Jeddah Street Circuit was revealed, the first most striking detail was the number of corners - 27 in total!

Street tracks are not normally known for being fast, but Jeddah broke the trend by making speed its stand-out feature.

What this does then, is creates one of the most challenging venues on the calendar for the drivers as they attack the tight but fast turns with speed and precision.

Turn 1 - After the relatively short main straight arrives the first turn, a 90-degrees left.
Turn 2 - Dull the throttle again and into a tight right bend, but quickly on the power as the track opens up again.
Turn 3 - A slight left kink, full throttle all the way.
Turn 4 - After a short straight give it a dab of breaks to take this sharp left kink. With the barrier very close to the kerb, a misjudgement could mean session over.
Turn 5 - The track then immediately heads into a right bend, requiring the driver to switch across the track and hug the inside wall.
Turn 6 - The first of two left apexes.
Turn 7/8 - Turn 7 is a copy of Turn 6 with a left kink, as the track then sways back to the right for Turn 8.
Turn 9 - Another quick bend, but this one requires a slightly heavier application of the brakes.
Turn 10 - Power out through the following left bend of Turn 10.
Turn 11/12 - Among the slightest of right-to-left bends that you will see on the calendar. Easily flat out.
Turn 13 - On the power down the short straight and then into this very challenging left hairpin. Carry as much as speed as possible while hugging the inside kerb. Tyre health is crucial.
Turn 14 - An open bend to the right, take it at full throttle.
Turn 15 - Still full throttle into this left bend, but hit the brakes halfway through.
Turn 16 - That is in order to negotiate the right of Turn 16, but quickly back on the power.
Turn 17 - Floor the loud pedal through the left of Turn 17.
Turn 18 - A very slight right kink, full throttle.
Turn 19 - An even slighter adjustment of the steering wheel to the right, effectively a straight.
Turn 20 - Another full-throttle left.
Turn 21 - And a right with maximum power, the engines are working very hard by this stage.
Turn 22 - Now they get a little rest, down a few gears to take this left turn. Again the inside wall is perilously close to the kerb.
Turn 23/24 - A double-right bend, both sections taken at full power.
Turn 25 - A long and open left bend, still no need to step off the gas.
Turn 26 - Again pretty much like a straight, the most minor left turn of the steering wheel.
Turn 27 - And that leads into a heavy braking zone for this left hairpin, the final corner before drivers join the main straight. Get as tight as you dare to the inside wall.

Jeddah Street Circuit schedule: 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Friday, December 03, FP1: 1530-1630

Friday, December 03, FP2: 1900-2000

Saturday, December 04, FP3: 1600-1700

Saturday, December 04, Qualifying: 1900

Sunday, December 05, Race: 1900

Jeddah Street Circuit tickets: how to get them for the big race

The Formula 1 website ask fans to leave an email address on the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix tickets page so that they can be notified once they go on general sale.

The F1 Experiences page will have places in the Paddock Club for sale, located above the pit lane, and there will also be Legend passes available. They will include Paddock Club hospitality, a Paddock Club pitlane walk, one-day paddock access, podium ceremoney access and F1 Experiences rewards. and are also well worth checking out for deals once their packages become available.

Jeddah Street Circuit ticket lowdown: things to note

Details on where grandstands and other viewing points will be located will be revealed in due course.

Jeddah Street Circuit directions: how to get there

King Abdulaziz International Airport, the main Saudi Arabian airport, is located in Jeddah and so will be the closest one to the Jeddah Street Circuit.

Busses run frequently in and around Jeddah, while taxis are the most commonly used form of transport. Car hire is also widely available so fans should find it a breeze to travel around Jeddah.

Jeddah Street Circuit history, memorable races and past winners

One driver will put their name in the history books as the first ever winner of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Jeddah Street Circuit F1 circuit fastest lap

A blank canvas, who will set the pace in Jeddah?

Jeddah Street Circuit F1 circuit: what the drivers say

We can't wait to hear what the drivers think of the venue!

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Schedule December 3-5

Practice 1 3 Dec 2021 3:30 PM
Practice 2 3 Dec 2021 7:00 PM
Practice 3 4 Dec 2021 4:00 PM
Qualifying 1 4 Dec 2021 7:00 PM
Qualifying 2 4 Dec 2021 7:00 PM
Qualifying 3 4 Dec 2021 7:00 PM
Race 5 Dec 2021 7:00 PM